Wednesday, March 4

4:00 PM

Panel check in

4:30 PM

The Roaring 20s: Strategies for the Streaming Age

A ground shift in the media business is underway with a new round of mega-SVODs hitting the market. For creatives, 2020 is expected to be a seminal year to service the flurry of activity as new streamers take off, and established broadcasters compete. Join us as we get the intel on working in this changing environment from the market's top producers and commissioners. What does it mean to create a hit in 2020? What are the opportunities? How are the deals being structured? Where are executives looking for talent to fill the ever-growing need for content?  


Jesse Whittock
Insight Editor


Andy Harries
Chief Executive
Left Bank Pictures

Angela Jain
Managing Director
ITV Studios Entertainment

Zygi Kamasa
CEO, UK and Europe

5:30 PM




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